Revolutionizing Your Financial Data Strategy.

Elsen is the platform-as-a-service company that lets financial institutions harness their data to get faster access, better insights, and greater ROI.

Why Elsen?
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Three Simple Concepts.
One Powerful PaaS.

The Elsen nPlatform contains three landmark innovations, which give firms the tools they need to beat the market and save money by optimizing data, vendors, and resources.


Instant Access

Get cleansed, normalized, and concordant data from your licensed vendors, all ready-to-use within a single source of truth.

Seamless Collaboration

Combine all your data sources, all your workflows, and all your teams onto one singular platform that integrates with your existing environment.

Unmatched Scalability

Leverage a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and open-source technologies to scale your data management program across your entire enterprise, now and in the future.

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