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Recognized as a Leader in FinTech

  • 2019 Finalist

    Digital Transformation in Finance

  • 2019 Finalist

    Best Financial & Market Data Solution

  • 2019 Winner

    Named 1 of 29 U.S. Companies

  • 2018 Winner

    Zac Sheffer named in EY program

  • 2017 Winner

    Best Tech Innovation – SMB

  • 2017 Finalist

    UBS: Future of Finance Challenge

  • 2017 Winner

    Innovative Tech of the Year: Financial

Our Story

Elsen was founded to tackle the longstanding and industry-wide challenges with the way financial services firms manage, access and use data.

The idea for Elsen blossomed through experiences the company’s founder, Zac Sheffer, had working at Credit Suisse. Zac thought he’d have access to cutting edge technology and resources to conduct research and make investment decisions, but the reality was far from what he envisioned. Even at one of the world’s largest investment banks, the technology being used on a day-to-day basis was decades-old, at best. When Zac learned that this was the status quo across the financial services industry, he decided to do something about it. He connected with fellow Northeastern University alumni with expertise in high-performance computing and user experience design – to complement his background in finance and engineering – and they began building a solution.

A year after Elsen was founded in 2014, the company was selected as a member of the inaugural class of FinTech Sandbox, a non-profit founded to promote fintech innovation. Soon after, Elsen began working with some of the most respected companies in the financial services industry and has continued to build its business and expand these relationships by delivering on its ability to make data-driven investment strategies more accessible and cost-effective.

Our Leadership

Strategic Advisors

Craig Woodward


President, Financial Intelligence
@ Informa

Derk Osenberg


Senior Director of Sales
@ Truevalue Labs

Gina Baskett Solomon


Co-Founder & Principal
@ Sequoia Strategic Advisors

Bill Elcock


Co-Founder and Principal
@ Sequoia Strategic Advisors

Jane Hood

CMO & Advisor

Justin White

Cofounder & advisor

Big Data Specialist
@ Google

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