A Team Retreat: Elsen’s Offsite Meeting

We celebrated Elsen’s many achievements – from announcing that Franklin Templeton deployed the Elsen nPlatform near the beginning of the year, to most recently, having Elsen named to the 2019 Benzinga Top Fintech Listmakers – as well as identify areas for growth in the coming new year. 

The majority of the Elsen team works out of the company’s headquarters in Boston, but we do have a few colleagues scattered around the world. Our offsite meeting served as a rare opportunity for everyone to come together under one roof that we took full advantage of through team building exercises and game nights. The bulk of our days were spent in strategic planning meetings and different department presentations, and in the evening, we took turns hosting game night. These game nights consisted of traditional games (e.g. Jeopardy and Family Feud) that we made distinctly Elsen by putting our own personal spin on them. For example, Elsen Jeopardy categories included “Elsen nPotpourri” and “Waiter, I Have a Fly in My Data.” 

As much fun as game nights were, they were equally educational – from learning about the history of the company, to the top questions being asked by prospects. For example, we learned while playing Elsen Family Feud hosted by two members from Elsen’s Sales team, the most commonly asked questions by prospects. Since so many people have these questions, we thought we’d answer them for you now.


Q: “Does Elsen have API access?”

A: Yes. Users are able to access data directly through an API, and non-technical users can leverage it through intuitive, web-based applications. In both instances, Elsen’s proprietary programming language, Warp, powers analysis up to 50x faster.  API access can be through Python, SQL, etc. Therefore, in addition to improving workflows, the actual analysis happens exponentially faster as well.

Q: “How long is the Elsen trial and what is it like?”

A: Elsen free trials are simple and easy. A trial is two weeks in length. We aim to make your proof of concept a breeze, not a headache. The company’s trial process is summarized in the following three bullets.

  • No internal resources required. Elsen has streamlined the trial exploration process – providing you and your team with a pre-populated data sandbox – so you can get a no-hassle look at the Elsen nPlatform.
  • Up and running in minutes. First, determine what you need to make the trial successful with Elsen. Next, you’ll hop on a 60-minute kickoff call and then you’ll be ready to go.
  • Support at your fingertips. During the trial, your team will have both a dedicated account executive and a customer success engineer to help you with whatever you need, when you need it.

Q: “How complicated and arduous is the onboarding process?”  

A: Everyone has lived through huge IT deployments, database installations and new product onboarding that is anything but effortless, taking hours of internal resourcing and months to get up and running. We’ve solved that problem by providing an onboarding process that’s absolutely effortless as we do all the work.

  • No internal resources required. Elsen has streamlined the onboarding process: Our onboarding team contacts your cloud team. Elsen handles all the work for your – no hassles, no messy deployments, no unhappy employees.
  • Up and running in weeks. Depending on your data licenses and infrastructure, Elsen can be up in running in less than a week and in no more than ~eight weeks.  
  • Support at your fingertips. During onboarding, your team will be assigned both an account executive and a customer success engineer from Elsen to help you with whatever you need, when you need it.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form here: and get one step closer to scaling your data management program across your entire enterprise, now and in the future.

All in all, our company offsite was a big success. We really enjoyed having facetime with everyone on the team and we left the multi-day event feeling recharged by everyone’s positive energy and high level of engagement. All in all, we left the offsite aligned on the company’s direction headed into the New Year and excited for what’s to come.

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