Elsen Goes “On Air” with DM Radio

Most people – even those in data management roles in other industries – don’t always have a solid understanding of the unique challenges of working with financial data. But it’s something that’s starting to pique more interest, which is why DM Radio dedicated an entire show to the topic earlier this month.

Elsen CEO, Zac Sheffer, joined other experts in the field for a DM Radio episode titled “FinTech Revolution: A Data-Driven Renaissance” to help educate listeners from around the country about working with financial data. In a live roundtable discussion, he explained how Elsen helps large financial institutions work with massive amounts of data. He also dove into the challenges that the Elsen nPlatform helps these firms address – from making time-series financial data concordant and usable, to improving analysis workflow and processing speeds, to integrating alternative data into investment strategies.

Other guests on the episode included DataRobot’s Greg Michaelson, ParallelM’s Dan Darnell, and The Bloor Group’s Dr. Peter Went, who co-hosted alongside Bloor Group CEO, Eric Kavanagh.

DM Radio is broadcast live every Thursday afternoon on radio stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Jacksonville, Florida and streamed online for listeners everywhere. It’s the longest-running radio show dedicated to data management, and luckily, every episode is archived and available as a podcast. So give it a listen on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you find your favorite podcasts, or click through here for a direct link to the FinTech episode with Elsen.

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