Franklin Templeton Deploys Elsen nPlatform to Accelerate Data-Driven Strategies

As more companies look to advanced technology like machine learning to improve business intelligence, they’re often hindered by disparate datasets and costly, labor-intensive analytics strategies. Managing hundreds of datasets and making them concordant so they can be used together is an extremely challenging and time-consuming process.

With more than 70 years of investment experience, California-based Franklin Templeton has over $678 billion in assets under management as of January 31, 2019 and employees in over 30 countries. Leveraging data-driven strategies is something Franklin Templeton has been successful at for a while. However, as the sources and volume of data increases, the company needed a faster, more efficient way for employees to use data. Through its partnership with Elsen, employees are now able to use data-driven strategies exponentially faster than the traditional methods and tools used before.

Elsen enables large financial institutions to quickly and easily operationalize their data to generate alpha, construct new products, and optimize data vendors. Elsen’s Platform-as-a-Service gives any financial professional – quants and non-quants, and people in investment, research and analytics roles – the ability to quickly use thousands of datasets from multiple vendors to drive investment decisions.

Employees at Franklin Templeton – including data scientists, quantitative analysts, and a variety of non-quant professionals – use the Elsen nPlatform for speed, accessibility, and collaboration. Elsen uses modern technology, like its proprietary language, Warp, to provide up to 50 times faster processing speeds and intuitive user experiences, turning hour-long work into minutes.

According to Institutional Asset Manager, Chris Pham, SVP of Data Management and Data Science at Franklin Templeton, said:

“The Elsen nPlatform takes the complexity out of data management by normalizing and making hundreds of datasets from multiple vendors easily accessible and usable. This scalable platform accelerates our ability to use current and point-in-time data so we can develop strategies that meet our clients’ needs.”

As companies adopt new technologies and data-driven strategies become increasingly important to the industry, we’re excited to be working with Franklin Templeton to accelerate and refine how research and investment teams operate.

As Zac Sheffer, our co-founder and CEO of Elsen, recently said, “Being able to work with another storied company in the financial industry is a source of great pride and validation for Elsen, showing that we’re really helping to move the industry forward.”

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