Fresh AIR – Alpha Innovation Required – in NYC

There are a few things that contribute to AIR Summit being one of the best events in the industry. The first is that the team behind the event intimately understands investment management and the many ways technology is forcing the industry to evolve, putting them in a unique position to find and vet the most promising startups. They only choose 20 hand-picked companies to present and interact with high-level attendees, so we’re extremely proud that Elsen was selected. On the other end of the equation, the reputation that AIR Summit has built enables it to attract 250 of the most qualified and experienced leaders in the investment industry as attendees.

Lastly, the event is structured in a way that makes it extremely fruitful for both the startups and investment professionals who attend – and this is what really makes it unique. While most events feature 30 or 40 minute presentations, and tuck Q&A or networking at the end if there’s time, AIR does the opposite. Each startup is allotted a 10 minute slot to present and the balance of the event is spent having meaningful, in-depth conversations. After viewing the presentations, attendees are given the opportunity to rate and select the companies they’d like to speak with, giving AIR organizers the information they need to create schedules that match industry professionals with the startups they want to learn about most.


We’re honored that Elsen is now an AIR Summit alum alongside previous participants including Kensho, Coinbase and Dataminr. If you have a chance to attend AIR Summit in the future, it’s well worth the time.

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