Harnessing Market Data: The Complexity of Cloud Data Management for Financial Institutions

A recent Xignite report reveals a major shift in the financial services industry from storing market data on-premises and moving to the cloud. Market data is the lifeblood of financial institutions, so it’s not surprising the financial industry is eager to adopt cloud data management.

However, storing data in the cloud is just one of the first steps in a successful cloud data management strategy, which is critical to driving business decisions using data. Key steps of a cloud data management strategy include accessing and analyzing data quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this is a huge challenge for most financial institutions today. Financial institutions spend hundreds of millions of dollars to license, store, clean, normalize, manage, and distribute their data. In addition, by time in-house systems are built, they’re already outdated and very expensive.

We’ve solved this problem by developing a platform for large financial institutions allowing anyone to effortlessly harness vast quantities of data to solve the most complex problems. The Elsen nPlatform enables anyone to harness, explore, and use big data effortlessly. There is no other system that can handle the vast amount of data that financial institution.

The Elsen nPlatform accelerates time-to-value by automating common workflows and data discovery to make it easier to find otherwise hidden insights. Elsen is changing how large financial institutions access and manage the massive and constantly increasing amounts of data they use to make investment decisions. In fact, Elsen has already demonstrated and proven the impact of the Elsen nPlatform through its partnership with Franklin Templeton.

According to Chris Pham, SVP of data management and data science at Franklin Templeton, “The Elsen nPlatform takes the complexity out of data management by normalizing and making hundreds of datasets from multiple vendors easily accessible and usable. This scalable platform accelerates our ability to use current and point-in-time data so we can develop strategies that meet our clients’ needs.”

I am proud to be helping financial institutions stay competitive in an evolving industry and increasingly complex digital landscape.

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