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Elsen’s Andrew Breton Featured in Refinitiv's Blog on Factor Investing Strategies

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The following is an excerpt from a post on the Refinitiv blog by Elsen’s Head of Quant Analytics and Research, Andrew Breton.

The challenge now for investment firms is meeting this growing demand amid a shortage of professionals that possess both the technical and financial knowledge it takes to develop and implement factor-based strategies.

This is no easy task at a time when nearly half of financial services leaders admit that finding necessary talent and skills is their number one concern.

There are many initiatives underway within the industry to close this gap. For example, firms are attacking the challenge from both directions, making an effort to educate investment professionals on computer programming and data science, and attempting to lure tech pros away from Silicon Valley and introduce them to finance.

But neither approach is sustainable over the long-term. Instead, technology needs to be developed in a way that is more intuitive and easy to use for any investment professional, regardless of their technical prowess. That’s exactly why Refinitiv and Elsen partnered to introduce QA Point Powered by Elsen.

Read the full post here.

Andrew is Elsen’s resident expert in all things data and data technology. He takes his understanding of clients’ data needs and implements them into the platform, designs and approves the analytics in the engine, and trains users on advanced features.