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Elsen Inks Deal for Thomson Reuters Data

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This press release was originally posted on PRWeb and can be viewed here

Elsen ( today announced that it will provide active investors with comprehensive fundamental and historical intraday pricing data from Thomson Reuters, a leading source of data and intelligence for both businesses and investors. The agreement provides complete coverage of U.S. equities, including ETFs and closed-end mutual funds.

The Elsen platform provides active investors with the tools they need to streamline and manage equity trading portfolios. It provides the fastest commercial backtesting engine available to retail investors. With this announcement, Elsen customers can now combine fundamental and historical market data with technical indicators to create powerful trading algorithms.

“Getting broader, better fundamental data into the hands of our customers improves their ability to create, backtest and then execute real-time algorithmic trading strategies”, said Zac Sheffer, co-founder and CEO of Elsen. “If you are an active investor, this puts you on the same footing as hedge funds and other institutional investors.”

Customers will have access to nearly 1,000 data points for each security. Historic as well as real-time market data is sourced directly from individual trading venues. Fundamental data is drawn from financial statements and footnote items, and includes segment data, industry-specific operating metrics, financial ratios and much more. In many cases, data from company financial statements is updated within minutes of regulatory filings. Standardized fundamentals ensure accurate “like for like‟ comparison across companies and industries.

Elsen is also joining the Thomson Reuters App Store, where financial institutions can seamlessly integrate tools developed by Elsen and other FinTech innovators, creating a differentiated, more compelling experience for their customers. Added Ryan Johnson, co-Founder and Vice President of Elsen, “Hundreds of broker-dealers and other innovation partners will now be able to easily integrate Elsen’s capabilities, upgrading their existing online offerings.”

About Elsen

Elsen simplifies the creation, testing, and optimization of unbiased trading and investment strategies. The company is bringing the benefits of advanced algorithmic investing – formerly reserved for hedge funds and other institutions – to everyone from tech-savvy traders to self-directed investors. For more information, visit or