Twas the Night Before Xmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Wall Street

Not an office was empty, no work was complete;

Workers were busy with spreadsheets and numbers,

Trying to finish so they could finally slumber;

Their families at home all snug in their beds;

While short trades or long were far from their heads;

With mugs full of coffee and lobbies still lit,

Employees were exhausted and ready to quit.


When the office next door suddenly went dark,

I sprang from my chair to look for a spark.


Away to the window I flew like a flash,

My papers quickly scattered, my chair made a clash.


The moon shone bright on the newly-dim street,

I thought to myself how is their work complete?


When all of a sudden someone yelled down the hall,

“That company uses Elsen – the Platform-as-a-Service that handles it all!”


The Elsen nPlatform, I’d heard all about it!


Handling complex data problems, we could use in our toolkit!


Built with progressive tech and intuitive design,

This PaaS helps financial institutions of sizes all kinds.


Quant or non-quant, it doesn’t matter

Analysis speed records nPlatform will shatter

I knew in an instant what was missing from my Christmas list,

“We need Elsen!” is my top New Year’s wish!

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