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Financial institutions around the world are investing in big data more than ever, but they struggle to manage, access and use it efficiently. David Blackwell, the former Head of Client Analytics at UBS Wealth Management, estimated that as much as 70 percent of an investment team’s time can be spent preparing data for analysis.


When quants and analysts spend the majority of their time managing raw data and getting it ready for use, there’s barely any time left for extracting insights to shape their financial strategy. To address this, firms traditionally have been left with two options: build an internal analytics platform or use an off-the-shelf solution. Both options are expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, now there’s a different way to drive alpha immediately.


The Elsen nPlatform provides enterprise financial institution teams—both quants and non-quants—the tools to beat the market, save money, and optimize data, vendors and resources, with three landmark innovations. First, it provides instant access to cleansed, normalized and concordant data from your licensed vendors—all ready to use within a single source of truth. Teams experience seamless collaboration, allowing everyone—data scientists, programmers, quants and portfolio managers—to ask questions and get answers, all within a single platform. And, it all happens at unmatched speed thanks to Warp, the language powering the Elsen nPlatform. Built for the financial industry, Warp extracts data up to 50 times faster with up to 50 times less code.


Take two minutes from your day to watch our new Elsen nPlatform explainer video here.


With the Elsen nPlatform:

  • Firms can generate alpha rapidly and reduce timelines by up to 97 percent.
  • Analysis is up to 50 times faster.
  • Backtesting can go from 24 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Cleansing data goes from five hours to no time at all.


With unrivaled flexibility, the Elsen nPlatform can empower any firm—from a one-person hedge fund to a multi-billion asset manager. And it can be up and running in weeks.


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