Why is the Elsen nPlatform Revolutionary? A 20-Year Quantitative Finance Vet Explains

I had the opportunity to run the national sales team that sold customized solutions of data, analytics, SaaS, and PaaS into the quantitative finance and FinTech spaces. The numerous client discussions gave me a window into how they – from small firms to the biggest global firms – thought about their business, strategies, trends, and where they saw opportunities and challenges. 


After nearly two decades – and many conversations – it was interesting to see that even the largest, most established firms began to struggle more and more with the exploding volume of data. Whether the focus was on structured, unstructured, alternative data, or any data available, most firms could not overcome the challenge of handling data in a cohesive manner. Firms where able to develop home grown solutions or leverage other data management solutions, but many were only suitable for a singular workflow or did not have the ability to scale out beyond quants for use with less technical users. As quantitative processes scaled outside of quant strategies and into the broader firm, these issues were amplified. Many firms pieced together a disjointed approach that led to the use of different data within the same firm – leading to inefficient processes and different results. 


The industry needed a new approach to solve the growing challenge. I was introduced to the Elsen team through the Refinitiv partners team and quickly realized that Elsen had built a solution from the ground up to address these issues. The Elsen nPlatform was like nothing I had seen in the market.


The Elsen nPlatform provides the foundation that’s required for the next generation of investment research. Data within an organization needs to be centrally managed so that anyone – quant or fundamentals focused – can access the same version of the data. The Elsen nPlatform addresses this by taking the complexity out of data management and providing centralized access to all of a firm’s data, which often times consists of hundreds of datasets from multiple vendors. Since the data is cleansed and made concordant only once, a single version of the data is available across the entire organization. And, in the way Elsen has designed the Elsen nPlatform, it provides the flexibility and scalability needed to ensure that organizations will be able to manage the rapidly increasing amounts of data now and in the future. 

The Elsen nPlatform’s modern technology creates efficiencies that enable institutions to redirect their resources from maintaining the foundation of investment research to activities that will accelerate their research efforts. Elsen has already demonstrated the impact its technology can have through partnerships with some of the industry’s most established firms, like Franklin Templeton. As data becomes an even more integral part of the investment and asset management world, Elsen is bringing the right solution to the industry, at the right time. I’m looking forward to seeing how other firms will leverage the efficiencies generated by the Elsen nPlatform to create new and innovative strategies and products.

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