The Big Secret Behind Tech Disruption in Financial Services

The automatic teller machine was the pinnacle of innovation in banking and financial services back in the 70s and 80s. When you consider how far we’ve come, that seems like a distant memory. But even a decade ago, it was hard for people to imagine that we could check balances, pay bills, transfer money and even deposit checks with tiny phones that everyone carries everywhere. Technology has certainly propelled the financial services industry a long way in a short period of time – but that’s only half the story.


Continuing Elsen’s Global Expansion – Hello Europe!

Greetings from London! It’s been a few short months since we introduced Elsen nPlatform and Thomson Reuters launched the first commercially available application built on it – Thomson Reuters QA Point Powered by Elsen. We’re hitting another big milestone this week with our continued support of Thomson Reuters’ global rollout of QA Point, and the Elsen team is across the pond for the European launch.


Could Quants Worsen the Next Financial Crisis?

Investors keep pouring money into quant funds, which hit a record $500 billion in assets last year, and this shift shows no signs of slowing down. Over the past seven years, quant funds attracted 29 percent of total inflows despite only accounting for 17 percent of hedge fund assets under management.


Elsen a Finalist in MassTLC Technology Leadership Awards!

Last night, leaders of the Massachusetts innovation community gathered for a reception to announce the finalists for the 2017 MassTLC Technology Leadership Awards. We’re proud to share that Elsen’s nPlatform was named a finalist in the “Innovative Tech of the Year: Financial” category.


How hedge funds can clean up their ‘big data mess’

Even before “big data” took its place at the top of the long list of business buzzwords, hedge funds and other investment firms were in constant pursuit of ways to extract useful insights from the data available to them. While tools built around artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have come a long way in the last few years to make it easier to separate the signal from the noise, hedge funds still struggle to use big data in a way that consistently improves their trading strategies.


Our Boston Roots and the Bay Area as a Fintech Hub

It’s remarkable to consider how much Elsen and the team have accomplished and grown since being founded in 2014. So many factors have played instrumental roles in our success, including our location as a Boston-based company.


Quants may ‘run Wall Street,’ but they shouldn’t run amok

In a recent article titled “The Quants Run Wall Street Now,” Wall Street Journal reporters Gregory Zuckerman and Bradley Hope outlined the ways in which quantitative strategies – and quants themselves – have become an integral part of hedge funds and other investment firms.


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