The impact of AI on hedge funds and asset managers

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is one of the most talked about concepts in the tech world today. From retail, to energy, to finance and beyond, AI is finding application in just about every industry. Recently, hedge funds and asset managers have started seriously investigating the AI craze and experimenting with the technology. The early results have been very interesting to see.


The rise of the quantamental investor

For decades, asset managers and their analysts/PMs tended to sort themselves into one of two camps – fundamental and quantitative. Over the last few years, however, a new type of analytical approach to evaluating securities and other financial assets has gained traction. It’s known as the “quantamental” approach, and it’s already redefining how hedge funds and other asset managers manage their portfolios.


AI: What is it really and what does it mean for CMOs?

Elsen CEO Zac Sheffer wrote a guest post on what CMOs need to know about AI for The CMO Club blog.


The advantages of GPU acceleration in computational finance

The field of computational finance is defined by speed. With vast amount of calculations to run in order to perform pre-trade risk analytics – a number that will only continue to grow as more data becomes available – it’s critical for asset managers to be able to perform these calculations as quickly as possible.


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