Elsen returns to the stage to present at Demo Day 4.0, hosted by FinTech Sandbox

“With over $1.08 billion invested in Blockchain, and half a billion more invested in payments products, all eyes are on FinTech. We’re guessing you’re constantly flooded with articles, panels, reports, and happy hour chatter on the next big thing in finance.

Let’s pause. The FinTech opportunity expands beyond these current spotlight stealers.

What does this new wave of FinTech look like? FinTech Sandbox residents apply emerging technologies to develop unique solutions that span today’s financial services industry. You’ll see solutions that use virtual reality to visualize the capital markets, that leverage big data to develop alternative lending strategies, and that use machine learning and satellite imagery to extract financial insights. This is your chance to experience the next wave of products redefining financial services.”

To learn more or get tickets for this event, check out the Demo Day 4.0 event page here.

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