Franklin Templeton Embarks on Ambitious Data and Analytics Transformation

Quantitative analysis has long been a cornerstone of investment management as firms have sought to use data and analytical expertise to provide competitive advantage for their clients. Quants have sometimes been referred to as financial alchemists due to their sophisticated data and analytics prowess.

Franklin Templeton [NYSE:BEN], one of the nation’s largest investment firms, was founded in New York City in 1947, and now has employees operating in over 30 countries. The California-based firm currently oversees more than $714 billion in assets under management as of February 28, 2019.

To compete at the highest levels of customer performance in a highly data-driven industry sector, Franklin Templeton is invested in the transformation of its data management infrastructure to accelerate business value. Current and point-in-time data is being parsed and analyzed to support key business initiatives. The result of this data management transformation is a modern, agile infrastructure that increases business efficiency and client returns. “The sources and volume of data for making investment decisions are steadily increasing, and this transformation of our data management platform will help us use data more efficiently,” said Chris Pham, SVP of data management and data science at Franklin Templeton.

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