Elsen nPlatform

Harness, explore, and use big data effortlessly

The financial services industry is changing continuously. The Elsen nPlatform helps large financial institutions stay competitive in an evolving industry landscape.

The problem

The availability of unstructured, heterogeneous data from disparate sources is growing. Firms need to extract key insights faster than ever and incompatible data presents a roadblock.

The solution

The Elsen nPlatform gives you access to thousands of cleaned, normalized, and aggregated datasets from world-class data providers.

The problem

Today, quants and non-quants use different technology and analytical tools that often rely on different foundational data, making collaboration inefficient and difficult.

The solution

The Elsen nPlatform allows any financial professional to transform the way they work by letting them rapidly access and use the same data, on the same platform, through both API access and intuitive web applications.

The problem

Most of the technology that even the most well-known firms are relying on is outdated and makes it nearly impossible to quickly get insights from data.

The solution

The Elsen nPlatform accelerates time-to-value by automating common workflows and data discovery to make it easier to find otherwise hidden insights.

Introducing the Elsen nPlatform

Three simple concepts
One powerful PaaS


Leveraging single or multi-tenant environments built with secure, private, and elastic cloud architecture for all your data and analytics.


Utilize robust point-and-click internal or external web applications to empower even non-programmers to generate value in minutes.


With Warp, extract and process your time-series financial data up to 50x faster with up to 50x less code.

Elsen nPlatform changes the playing field.

Key benefits for your enterprise

Lower operating costs

Streamline your process and gain greater efficiencies when working with data while collaborating across disparate user groups within your organization.

Easily construct & scale

Active portfolios, smart betas, ETFs, and Indices can be built and tested with as little as a couple lines of Warp, a few clicks on the web app, or directly with the API.

Rapidly generate alpha

Enhance performance by rapidly iterating and reporting on factor models, new datasets, investable universes, and historical tests—so you can drive revenue faster.

Collaborate seamlessly

Engineers, analysts, and portfolio managers can work together on a singular platform to drive greater returns—empowering every member of your team to be better at what they do best.

Optimize data & vendors

Access concordant, ready-to-use data from licensed vendors instantly—including alt data. Access a single source of truth so you can select the right data for the job.

Launch faster

Elsen can implement your Proof of Concept (PoC) in as little as two weeks and reach practical completion in about eight to twelve weeks.

The three pillars of Elsen nPlatform

Data Store

Spend less time managing your data and more time using it. Data Store allows you to immediately access your licensed, best-in-class data in a secure, cloud-based environment to enable instant analysis across your entire organization.

Processing Engine

Solve for massively complex financial calculations, in seconds. Our proprietary language Warp allows you to extract and process your time series financial data up to 50x faster with up to 50x less code. Generate better results within minutes

Intelligence Engine

Our platform will help you discover new insights, so you can make better decisions, rapidly. Intelligence engine's intuitive interface presents robust statistical analysis and data visualizations making data discoveries and discernments easier and faster. Execute pre-built workflows or build your own to save time to build your strategies.