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The Elsen nPlatform pulls data from customers’ licensed vendors and delivers cleansed, normalized, and concordant data that’s ready to use immediately, so your team can focus on what matters.


Skip the Cleanse.
Drive Alpha Immediately.

Financial institutions leverage massive datasets using different formats, with no room for error. Ensuring the data is accurate, clean, and concordant requires a lot of time and resources. With the Elsen nPlatform that work is already done for you, so you and your team can focus on what’s most important—driving alpha.

Unite Disparate Data Sources into a Single Source of Truth.

The Elsen nPlatform consolidates your disparate data sources into a single source of truth, accessible via web app, API, or directly with SQL. It manages everything—ETL, standardization and concordant, permissioning, and even processing—empowering you to get the most out of your data in the least amount of time.

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Bring Your Own Data.

Evaluate new sources of data faster. In addition to managing your massive sets of licensed market data, the platform makes it easy to integrate alternative and proprietary data into one standardized database for easy access and evaluation across your organization.

Lower Costs & Increase ROI.

The Elsen nPlatform provides full transparency into how your data is used—enabling you to save money by accurately matching the right licenses with the right problem and eliminating anything extra. With a clear picture of your team’s dataset usage, you’ll know exactly who needs what data license, and what subscriptions can be cut.

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Create a Vendor Compliant Environment.

The Elsen nPlatform works seamlessly with data providers’ compliance databases to enable real-time row-level permissioning, reducing spin-up time and costs, and improving auditability.

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What Else Can You Do
with the Elsen nPlatform?

Collaborate seamlessly with your whole team

Unify all your data sources through a single platform, where everyone—data scientists, programmers, quants, and portfolio managers—can ask questions and get answers instantly.

Scale at unmatched speed

Scale your data management system to your business’ exact needs by harnessing the Elsen nPlatform’s best-in-class open-source technologies and flexible cloud-based infrastructure.

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