Collaborate Seamlessly
with Your Entire Team.

The Elsen nPlatform integrates all your data sources through a single platform, where everyone—data scientists, programmers, quants, and portfolio
managers—can run queries, extract insights, design workflows, and generate unique, differentiated investment strategies.


Streamline Workflows and Unite
Teams on a Single Platform.

Say goodbye to disparate data sources, siloed teams, and workflows that differ drastically from one user to the next. Say hello to data on one normalized and concordant platform where all your teams can retrieve, share, and use the data they need, right when they need it.

Empower Your Team with a Web App Everyone Can Use.

Teams can access the Elsen nPlatform via a robust point-and-click web application that enables everyone—even non-programmers—to easily create and share reports, universes, notebooks, and more, generating value in minutes.
  • Catalogs
  • Notebooks
  • Universes
  • Reports
  • Commands
  • Data packs

Quickly review and evaluate all your datasets, assets, and indices.


Freely conduct preliminary research with robust data visualization tools inside a sandbox environment.


Slice, dice, and filter data by sector, company time, and other characteristics.


Effortlessly pull from your licensed and proprietary datasets. Get results at rapid speed.

Custom Commands

Power users can leverage custom commands and employ Warp to perform even more complex analysis.


Harness multi-dimensional arrays of time-series. Analyze from countless angles and perspectives.

Integrate Effortlessly with Your Existing Processes.

Already have a data management process? No problem. The Elsen nPlatform is designed to fit into anyone’s current workflow and integrates seamlessly with your existing environment (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more) or your Business Intelligence software. Access via our web app, API, or directly with SQL.

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What Else Can You Do
with the Elsen nPlatform?


Get instant access to all your data

Take the management out of data management. Your data sources—traditional and alternative—are normalized, concordant, and ready-to-use all within a single source of truth, eliminating the time-consuming process of managing raw data.

Scale at unmatched speed

With best-in-class technologies, and a cloud-based infrastructure, the unrivaled flexibility of the Elsen nPlatform empowers financial organizations big and small to harness vast amounts of data and scale smarter and faster.

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