Data Store

Spend less time managing data and more time using it.

Financial institutions leverage massive datasets all in different formats, with no room for error. Ensuring the data is accurate and clean enough to be usable, however, requires a lot of time and resources.

Elsen has already done that work for you and your users. You can effortlessly access thousands of financial datasets from best-in-class providers so your users can immediately start using it to discover insights that help them make better decisions.

Premium data from world class providers

Get access to thousands of financial datasets from best-in-class providers. Access your licensed data to get trillions of cleansed, normalized aggregated data points presented through one simple interface.

Bring your own data

In addition to providing access to massive external data sources, Elsen makes it easy to integrate custom data for your exclusive use through the nPlatform interface. Upload your proprietary data for instant analysis across your organization.

A vendor compliant environment

Data store works seamlessly with data providers' compliance databases with real time row-level permissioning—reducing spin-up time and costs.

Secure, scalable cloud platform

Elsen only works with top-tier cloud providers with secure communications using SSL and multiple levels of user authentication. Scalable cloud infrastructure gives you computing power using a fraction of the resources required by non-cloud based in-house systems.