Intelligence Engine

Make better decisions faster.

The Intelligence Engine provides massive time savings and speeds up the discovery of key insights by automating common workflows and data exploration. Using an algorithmic approach to data analysis while automating standard workflows helps users uncover insights that they would have never found otherwise.

Application-specific GUIs make it easy for anyone to create robust visualizations and quickly identify relationships. Your strategies and analytics are also shareable and audit/compliance ready.

Discover new insights

The algorithmic approach of the Intelligence Engine allows users to test more strategies on larger datasets. The intuitive interface presents robust statistical analysis and visualizations, making it possible to discover insights that would typically be inaccessible.

Save time on your strategies

By automating standard workflows, the Intelligence Engine leads to considerable time savings by doing everything for users behind the scenes. Users never have to worry about running manual processes again.

Future forward capabilities

The Intelligence Engine leverages machine learning and AI techniques to perform optimization, trend searching, and pattern recognition to automatically enable predictive analysis. New data, insights, and analysis are continually included in your original process, providing you a foundation for infinite possibilities.