Processing Engine

Massively complex financial calculations, done in seconds.

Your users are looking for faster, easier, and more intelligent ways to analyze time-series data to drive their strategies without having to rely on a team of programmers.

The Processing Engine is built on a massively parallel processing architecture, and is designed for high-performance computing (HPC) to accelerate your workflows. Power users can access the engine directly, and non-technical users can leverage it through intuitive application-specific interfaces thanks to Elsen’s custom extraction language, Warp.

Introducing Warp

Warp is a highly optimized domain-specific extraction language that Elsen created to replace SQL and make it simple for both technical and non-technical users to develop precise and differentiated financial analytics.

Huge performance gains

The Processing Engine can return results far more efficiently and rapidly than other solutions because of how Elsen joins data in the Data Store and incorporates Warp to generate SQL code that can execute optimized calculations during the data extraction.

Rapid iterative modeling

You need to bring ideas to market faster than ever. Improved processing speeds means faster feedback from analytics, so you can do more and generate better results within hours. Create as many strategies and run as many simulations as you want.