Scale at Unmatched Speed
with Incredible Flexibility.

From small hedge funds to global asset managers, the Elsen nPlatform empowers firms to harness the exponentially increasing amount of data and drive alpha efficiently—now, and in the future.


Save Time on Your Strategies.

Manual, error-prone, and labor-intensive processes are a thing of the past. By automating standard workflows, the Elsen nPlatform saves your team enormous amounts of time, freeing them up for the work that actually drives alpha.

Reduce Operating Timelines
by Up to 97%.

Imagine if the entire data management process—from intake to extraction, to the analysis that drives strategic initiatives—was done in a fraction of the time it normally takes you. With streamlined, digitized workflows, the Elsen nPlatform can make this a reality.

A Typical Workflow Could Go From
23 Hours to 40 Minutes.

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Typical preparation and standardization of raw data can take hours (weeks, or even months), or sometimes even days to complete.

With the Elsen nPlatform, normalization and concordancy is handled for you, right from the start.

Total Time: 05:00:00 00:00:00
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Finding the right factors and metrics is a key, but traditionally time-consuming procedure.

When exploring data from a single source, discovering your desired metrics takes just one-sixth of the time.

Total Time: 01:00:00 00:10:00
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Analytics and reporting is typically a manual process, requiring you to reference and import disparate sources of data.

With a single source and robust point-and-click visualization tools, analysis can be done in minutes, not hours.

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Traditional backtesting involves countless calculations and relies heavily on data that is not always readily accessible.

The Elsen nPlatform delivers all historical data needed to support any backtesting or analytic workflow.

Total Time: 10:00:00 00:10:00
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Evaluating performance and effectiveness is an essential final step but can slow processes to a crawl.

The Elsen nPlatform’s capabilities allow you to verify your methodology, assess accuracy and ultimately confirm the performance of your models.

Total Time: 05:00:00 00:10:00
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What Else Can You Do
with the Elsen nPlatform?


Get instant access
to all your data

Your data sources—traditional and alternative—are normalized, concordant, and ready-to-use all within a single source of truth, eliminating the time-consuming process of managing raw data.

Collaborate seamlessly with your whole team

Access all your data sources on a single platform, where everyone—data scientists, programmers, quants, and portfolio managers—can ask questions and get answers instantly.

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