Ardevora Selects Elsen as Core Financial Data Platform to Enable Switching Data Vendors

Elsen, the Financial Data Platform for investment firms, today announced that Ardevora Asset Management LLP, a UK based asset manager, has deployed the Elsen nPlatform as its core financial data solution. By using the Elsen nPlatform, Ardevora were able to switch their main data vendor in a matter of weeks, automating their data management process and dramatically speeding up access to financial information. 

“It’s night and day compared to what we were doing before”, said Tom Brice, Quantitative Analyst at Ardevora. “I used to spend 75% of my time building tools and preparing data, and only 25% doing analysis – now it’s the exact opposite. It’s a game-changer”.

“Previously, we were unable to switch data vendors due to the intensive effort it would require”, said Ben Fitchew, Partner at Ardevora. “The Elsen nPlatform enables us to integrate new datasets into our existing processes with ease – meaning we have the flexibility to try new vendors or swap vendors entirely. Our external and internal data sources are linked together on a single security master, making it easy to combine data from multiple sources”.

The Elsen nPlatform gives asset managers access to clean, organized, ready to use financial information – consolidating their external and internal data sources in one centralized platform. Automated data preparation relieves clients of the burden of ingesting, preparing and mapping data. Powerful data infrastructure combined with intuitive access tools means data requests are both simple to make and quick to execute. 

At Ardevora, fast access to clean, organized data via the Elsen nPlatform means resources can be fully leveraged to perform the work that drives results: bottom-up stock selection. 

“Ardevora has been cultivating a reputation of excellence for over a decade”, said Chris Harrison, CEO of Elsen. “We’re delighted to relieve Ardevora of the time-consuming burden of data management, so they can continue to focus on delivering outstanding results for their clients”. 

About Ardevora

Ardevora Asset Management LLP manages fundamental global and UK equity strategies, with an investment philosophy framed around psychology.  The Company works with pension funds, consultants and wealth managers in jurisdictions around the world.  

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About Elsen

The Elsen nPlatform is a financial data solution for investment researchers. It enables firms to effortlessly ingest and utilize both internal and external data sources, enabling teams to focus on the work that drives results – performing more analysis and testing more strategies. 

The company is headquartered in Boston and is backed by a combination of venture capital and hand-picked angel investors from the startup and financial community including Laconia Capital Group, Hyperplane Venture Capital, Accomplice and Launch Capital. For more information, visit

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