Bringing Elsen nPlatform Across the Pacific

Our expansion outside of North America was especially exciting because it took place months ahead of schedule. We made the jump across the Pacific when Thomson Reuters introduced a new product and the first commercial application built on the Elsen nPlatform – QA Point Powered by Elsen – in Asia this week.

The introduction of QA Point in Asia was originally planned for the fall, but Thomson Reuters has gotten such great feedback from North American customers, it decided to move more quickly so customers in Asia could get their hands on it too.

QA Point was only unveiled to customers in North America about a month ago, so seeing it spread across Thomson Reuters’ customer base so quickly is an amazing validation of the product we helped build. It’s also a testament to nPlatform, the underlying technology that makes QA Point possible, highlighting many of the benefits that it will bring to other large financial institutions – particularly its ease-of-use and flexibility.

One month isn’t a long time to be using a sophisticated, new enterprise application. In fact, training and onboarding for some enterprise applications can take that long, especially in the finance industry where complex and dated infrastructure is the norm. But with QA Point, Thomson Reuters customers were able to access it effortlessly and quickly learn how to use it. With a simple, point-and-click interface, it’s easy for anyone to begin extracting value immediately. And the fast, early feedback we’ve gotten proves that.

In addition, the quick expansion to Asia showcases nPlatform’s flexibility. Dated infrastructure at most financial services companies creates a cumbersome process for provisioning the resources needed to expand an application. But nPlatform is powered by cutting-edge cloud technology, so our customers that build their applications on it won’t have that problem. nPlatform lets financial institutions create sophisticated applications that can be built and introduced quickly, and are infinitely scalable. With its decision to accelerate the roll-out of QA Point internationally, Thomson Reuters is helping to prove nPlatform’s flexibility.

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