Elsen Raises $400,000 In Seed Funding

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Financing comes from individual investors and is led by local angel investor Bret Siarkowski and his AngelList syndicate, which is backed by Atlas Venture’s Boston Syndicates. Elsen has previously been bootstrapped.

Said Zac Sheffer, co-founder and CEO, “We are very pleased to partner with these investors. They are a unique resource and their guidance and knowledge will help take Elsen to the next level. This commitment demonstrates their belief in Elsen’s technology and in our team.”

Elsen offers a scalable, reliable, secure platform for bringing massively-parallel processing to financial data. Complex time-series calculations like Monte Carlo simulations and algorithms widely run in financial services for backtesting, pricing and risk management are ideally suited to run in parallel. Elsen’s platform is data-agnostic and elegantly supports custom data sets.

18 months in development, the Elsen platform achieves incredible gains in both speed and efficiency through the use of simultaneous (GPU based) processing versus sequential (CPU based) processing. Said Justin White, co-founder and CTO, “GPU acceleration yields substantial improvements in processing time and significant reductions in the number of servers needed and their related costs.” Added Ryan Johnson, Elsen’s third co-founder, “We can run financial models more than 400 times faster.”

Remarked Siarkowski, “The gains they deliver in terms of processing speed and the efficient use of computational resources are a very big deal, with broad application in financial services.”


About Elsen

Elsen is a financial technology company offering a high performance computing platform to hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and others seeking to run financial models and algorithms faster and more efficiently. Elsen delivers GPU-accelerated processing via secure cloud or your own private infrastructure. Founded in 2013, the company is based in Boston, MA, and has an additional office in Washington, DC. For more information, please visit and

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