First Commercial Product Built on Elsen nPlatform Launches in Asia

BOSTON – May 17, 2017 – Elsen, the Platform-as-a-Service company for large financial institutions, today announced that it will support the launch of QA Point, a new Thomson Reuters product built on its cloud-based platform, in the Asia Pacific region. QA Point, the first commercially available product built on the Elsen nPlatform, was introduced to the North American market in May. As a result of overwhelmingly positive feedback in North America, Thomson Reuters has accelerated its launch across Asia, introducing the product months ahead of schedule.

“We’ve been able to accomplish some major feats with Thomson Reuters in a relatively short period,” said Zac Sheffer, founder and CEO of Elsen. “The fact that one of the most respected firms in financial services chose to partner with Elsen was an enormous validation for our technology and approach. Now, the early success of QA point and accelerated rollout in Asia provides additional proof that we’re on the right track to helping the financial world solve some of its most complex challenges when it comes to analyzing and getting value from massive amounts of data.”

QA Point Powered by Elsen is a cloud-based application that enables asset managers to better harness quantitative research in their investment process – a task that has historically required deep technical and programming knowledge. As the asset management industry looks for scalable and affordable ways to deliver outperformance across investment products, QA Point provides a powerful and intuitive point-and-click interface to accelerate research with Thomson Reuters’ industry-leading content. For example, QA Point can be used to conduct backtesting – often one of the most time-consuming steps in the investment management process – in minutes, not days.

As a cloud-based solution, QA Point eliminates the time needed to install software on premises and the costs associated with continuously maintaining such solutions. It also offers increased flexibility, enabling users to access the product via web browser irrespective of location. Furthermore, QA Point facilitates greater collaboration by making it easier to share models and strategies within or across an organization’s research teams.

QA Point is built on the Elsen nPlatform, which gives financial institutions a foundation on which to build web-based applications that allow users to more easily harness, understand and help make quick decisions with vast quantities of data without a team of expert programmers. Large financial institutions can use Elsen nPlatform to build solutions that empower their own employees, or they can use it to create and distribute solutions for their clients and customers, as Thomson Reuters has done with the introduction of QA Point Powered by Elsen.


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