Future-Forward Asset Management.

What’s bigger than big data? The cost of managing it. The Elsen nPlatform gives you the speed, simplicity, and control to make better decisions faster and become a truly data-driven enterprise.

Our Platform, at Your Service.

Firms lose years trying to build in-house platforms. Others buy generic off-the-shelf solutions. The Elsen nPlatform’s Platform-as-a-Service model lets organizations customize data management and analytics to their needs, working within their existing infrastructure. And, it can be up and running in weeks.

All Your Teams. All Your Data. All-In-One Solution.

Managing data is hard. Managing large, siloed teams with disparate data sources? Even harder. The Elsen nPlatform makes it easy to manage all your teams, workflows, and data sources on a single platform.

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Optimize Your Licensed Data Vendors.

Our platform helps you lower costs and increase ROI by providing a clear look into your teams’ dataset usage. Get clarity into what licenses are used by what users, so you can make smarter decisions about your licensed data.

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Revolutionize Your Data Strategy with Three Landmark Innovations.


Instant Access

Your data sources—traditional and alternative—are normalized, concordant, and ready-to-use all within a single source of truth, eliminating the time-consuming process of managing raw data.

Seamless Collaboration

Access all your data sources through a single platform, where everyone—data scientists, programmers, quants, and portfolio managers—can ask questions and get answers instantly.

Unmatched Scalability

Harness a flexible cloud infrastructure, and best-in-class technologies to harness your vast amounts of data, and streamline your data management, now and in the future.

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