Data License & Vendor Optimization.

The Elsen nPlatform provides complete visibility into your data, so you can ensure the right people have access to the right data. Only pay for licenses that your team needs.

Lower Operating Costs. Increase ROI.

With a unified inventory of all your data, users, and permissions, you’re no longer beholden to your vendors. Get better visibility into your team’s data usage, so you know exactly who needs what licenses or subscriptions, and easily address redundancies.

Total Vision. Total Control.

The only way to optimize your licenses and vendors is by being able to see all your data and manage how it’s used.

See the Big Picture

Get a holistic, unified view of all your datasets, who’s using them, and how often.

Audit Your Usage

Take a granular look at which licenses are valuable and which can be cut. Identify larger trends that may help shape your future license purchasing.

Manage Access & Costs

Manage permissions—including row-level—for every user to make sure the right people have the right access.

Take Charge of Your Data.

Move beyond traditional data management and get to the forefront of financial data management. The Elsen nPlatform empowers you to audit and administer every kind of data, even proprietary and alternative data sources.

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Data License Optimization

Data License & Vendor Optimization. The Elsen nPlatform provides complete vi...
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