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Good results require good data. With the Elsen nPlatform you not only get normalized and concordant data from your licensed vendors, but it also makes integrating alt and custom data easier than ever.

Easily Centralize Your Data.

Our platform effortlessly creates a flexible and consolidated cloud-based ‘data lake.’ Get full transparency into your data and information on how it’s being used. Control access for everyone, not just by data set, but by row-level permissions.

Your End-to-end Solution for Data Management.

From sourcing to mapping to integrating and beyond, it’s imperative to optimize every stage of data management. Simplify the entire process with the Elsen nPlatform.

Get Rid of the Grunt Work

Your team spends hours cleansing and evaluating data sources. Let the Elsen nPlatform do both so you and your team can focus on the most important work—extracting insights and building strategies.

Create a Single Source of Truth

No more disparate data sources, siloed teams, and miscellaneous workflows. The Elsen nPlatform makes it easy to ensure everyone is working from the same data with the same workflows by creating a single source of truth.

Integrate with Your Environment

The Elsen nPlatform’s robust API and powerful library of developer tools make it easy to securely integrate your new single source of truth into existing systems, applications, and business intelligence software.

Evaluate New Data Sources at Lightning Speed.

The Elsen nPlatform’s flexible cloud infrastructure lets you evaluate and integrate alt data— as well as proprietary and in-house sources easily. Plus, manage the entire process securely within your organization’s environment.

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