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Put your enterprise at the forefront of data management. Streamline your processes, optimize your resources, and move light-years beyond competitors.

Built to Empower Your

We built the Elsen nPlatform to enhance the existing workflows of your managers and analysts, not replace them. Which is why our flexible cloud infrastructure, robust API, and suite of developer tools integrate seamlessly into your current environment.

The Future of Financial Data

Accelerating data analysis is just the beginning. The Elsen nPlatform puts you at the forefront of financial data management. Optimize every part of your data strategy—from intake to insights—and lead not just your firm, but the industry at large, into a new age of innovation.

Make the Right Decisions

More data means more risk. The pressure is on you to get it right. The Elsen nPlatform secures all your data in one place, giving you the control, oversight, and confidence to make the decisions that guide your strategies—and your enterprise—in the right direction.

Optimize Data & Vendors

When optimizing data vendors, the devil is in the details. The Elsen nPlatform gives you a holistic, unified view of all your data and everything that goes along with it. Avoid the costly pitfalls of paying for redundant or unneeded licenses and manage access to every data set at a user or row level.

Break Down Silos

Hundreds of hours are wasted using internal workbooks, disparate data sources, and workflows that differ from one team to the next. Unite all your teams, all your data, and all your workflows on a single platform that streamlines every process.

Get Up & Running in Weeks.

Firms spend years building in-house platforms that rarely meet their needs. Save time and money by choosing a platform that’s built for the financial industry and already driving success for firms worldwide. The Elsen nPlatform syncs with your environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, and more) and can be up and running in weeks.

Transform Your Enterprise with the Platform That’s Transforming Financial Management.

The Elsen nPlatform is delivering game-changing results for financial institutions worldwide.

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