Focus on Data Strategy,
Not Data Management.

You know driving alpha requires data-driven strategies. You also know it takes days, even months, to prepare and normalize market data, let alone alt data. With the Elsen nPlatform, all this work is already done, meaning when you sit down at your desk, you’ll know the data is ready to use.


Get the Tools You Need to Beat the Market.

To beat the market, you need the ability to discover and evaluate alt data at lightning speed. The Elsen nPlatform gives you that and much more—rapid extraction, a single source of truth, and a suite of developer tools that amplify your existing workflows, freeing up your team to focus on discovering alpha.

Free Up Your Quants’ Time.

It can take your quants months to process raw datasets. But with the Elsen nPlatform, your licensed datasets are concordant, normalized, and ready for use in minutes, leaving your quants refreshed, revitalized, and ready to do the work that actually drives alpha.

Process Data at Warp Speed.

Your team is lean. Your time is short. Elsen’s domain-specific, easy-to-use querying language Warp lets you move faster, streamline workflows, and write commands that generate value in seconds.

Drive Alpha Faster with
Three Landmark Innovations.


Instant Access

Start your work with alt, custom, or traditional data that’s normalized, concordant, and ready to use. Focus all your time, energy, and resources on strategy and analysis.

Seamless Collaboration

Optimize operations by getting your team on a single platform where every data source is at their fingertips and every result can be shared in seconds.

Unmatched Scalability

Supercharge your business with the power to scale strategies company-wide. Write queries, backtest data, and share results faster than your competitors.

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