Workflow Optimization
& Customization.

Centralize and customize your processes. In an industry filled with large teams and little time to lose, this can be the difference between falling behind and rising above the rest.

Connect Siloed Teams.

Get all of your data on a single platform that fits into anyone’s current workflow. Teams can share models, workflows, and reports quickly between colleagues—even those on the other side of the globe.

Power Meets Flexibility.

Unlike most data management platforms, the Elsen nPlatform was built from the ground up for the financial industry. With a deep knowledge of how these institutions work, Elsen’s state-of-the-art platform is designed to optimize every stage of the process.

Built for Integration

Integrating into your existing system has never been easier. The Elsen nPlatform is designed to sync with and amplify your data visualization software, from Tableau to Power BI to Qlik and more.

Built for Customization

Looking to create custom tools and proprietary indices? The Elsen nPlatform’s API, flexible cloud architecture, and domain-specific language Warp make the perfect toolkit for building custom tools, web apps and products.

Built for Everyone

Elsen’s robust point-and-click web app enables everyone on your team—even non-programmers—to generate value in just minutes.

Increase User Access.

Empower your team to access your data in the way the works for them. The Elsen nPlatform can be accessed via a robust API, directly through SQL or with an intuitive point-and-click web application.

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