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As the demand for data grows so does the need for a system to manage it. The Elsen nPlatform delivers not only the tools but the standardized best practices to help you ensure auditability and compliance while adopting best-practice data management that aligns with your long-term strategic vision and mitigates operational risk.

Start with Better Data. End with Better Results.

Your strategies are only as strong as the data that drives them. The Elsen nPlatform ensures total accuracy, and allows you to organize all your data in a single source of truth where every data point is verified, normalized, and concordant.

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Adopt Cloud Technology, Effortlessly.

Moving your business to the cloud can feel daunting. The Elsen nPlatform’s secure and flexible cloud infrastructure means you can make the transition smoothly, with minimal effort.

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The Elsen nPlatform Powers Financial Institutions Worldwide.

Armed with the ability to leverage data like never before, firms from small hedge funds to pension funds to global asset managers are driving alpha faster and more efficiently.

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Three Landmark Innovations.


Instant Access

By organizing your data within a single source of truth, it’s automatically validated and verified. Work within a secure environment and concordant data from the start and never question its accuracy.

Seamless Collaboration

Adopt a best-in-class platform that makes collaboration easy and enables everyone to thrive, whether they’re seasoned portfolio managers or the next generation of top talent.

Unmatched Scalability

Power your business with flexible, scalable cloud-based architecture that helps your teams move faster and handle more data while catering to your company’s needs.

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