Better Tech. Bigger Alpha.

Your secret weapon for driving alpha? The right technology. The Elsen nPlatform enables you to get more insights and make better inferences in less time. Go from massively complex to incredibly simple.

Not an Expert Developer?
No Problem.

The Elsen nPlatform’s intuitive point-and-click web app, and proprietary, domain-specific, language Warp—gives you the power to retrieve data and extract insights without writing pages of code or hiring additional programmers.

Make Big Data a Big Advantage.

Unleash the power of active management with the Elsen nPlatform. Harness huge, disparate datasets in record time, and generate original, differentiated investment strategies that consistently beat the market.

Skip The Cleanse

Quants spend countless hours (up to 70% of their time) preparing raw data for analysis. With the Elsen nPlatform, that work is already done. Your data is cleansed, normalized and ready for your team to extract, test, and transform into game-changing investment strategies.

Have Confidence In Your Data

Bad data in means bad data out. The Elsen nPlatform ensures accuracy and integrity from the very beginning—and every step thereafter—so your investment strategies are as solid as the data that drives them.

Accelerate Collaboration

Institutional knowledge and team-specific procedures do nothing but hold everybody back. Get your organization on a singular, lightning-fast platform where workflows are streamlined and data, models, and results can be shared instantly.

Integrate Every Type of Data—Alt, Custom, Traditional, and More.

The Elsen nPlatform makes it faster and easier to integrate new and alternative data sources beyond the licensed market data you already use, including in-house proprietary datasets. Additionally, you can import in-house proprietary datasets with ease.

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