A Single Source of Truth.

Organizing big data is a big challenge. It’s also the only way to capitalize on it. Get the most out of your data by getting it all in one single, secure location.

Accelerate Alpha.

Build game-changing investment strategies based on flawlessly accurate data—and do it faster than anyone else. The Elsen nPlatform delivers cleansed, normalized, and concordant data all accessible via a single source of truth.

All Your Data. Secured in One Place.

Without a single source of truth, only a fraction of analysts’ time can be spent doing the work that actually drives alpha. The rest is spent preparing raw data for analysis and trying to navigate the chaos of disparate data systems.

Lower Operating Costs

Tracking and maintaining disparate licenses and sources—let alone trying to combine information from them is immensely expensive. Get all your sources in one place and get your costs way down.

Ensure Data Security

Storing data in different places can mean different methods—and levels—of security. Guarantee your data’s security by housing it all in one repository where every data point is validated and verified on a continual basis.

Access Data Instantly

Multiple data stores mean multiple places your team has to search for data. When it’s all in one place, not only can they find the data faster, they can combine it with other data faster too, making for faster analytics and faster strategies.

Bring Countless Hours Back to Business.

As almost every firm buying financial data discovers, getting that data into a format that can be easily manipulated to create value requires a lot of time and effort. In a single consolidated data environment, this work is already done. Your teams can start acting on their data immediately.

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